Payroll and personnel management services require a thorough knowledge of the specific legislation, as well as communication skills, attention to details and keeping the confidentiality of data.

Our team has a long experience in this field so that it can offer you services at high quality standards.

The payroll services we provide include:

  • Processing all documents necessary for salary calculation;
  • Salary calculation and generation of reports resulting from the calculation;
  • Preparation and monthly submission of Statement 112;
  • Preparation of the statistical reports requested by the National Institute of Statistics regarding payroll and personnel data;
  • Preparation and submission of files for recovering the amounts from the National Single Fund for Social Health Insurance (FNUASS);
  • Consultancy on payroll issues.

The personnel management services we provide include:

  • Preparation and updating of personnel files;
  • Preparation of individual employment contracts, addenda and various decisions amending individual employment contracts;
  • Preparation and issuing of certificates requested by employees;
  • Consultancy on various aspects related to labor law;
  • Audit of the personal management activity consisting of the verification of personnel files and the correctness of documents contained therein;
  • Reporting services for the General Record of Employees.

Outsourcing these services to Moore Audit One will offer you the time you need to focus on the activities of your company.