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Financial and management accounting services are adapted to the specific needs of your activity so as to provide the information on accounting and management that is required for the optimal management of a company.

The experience we have gained in more than 20 years of activity, as well as our team of experts enable us to provide you with a wide range of accounting services, which include:

  • Accounting implementation and management in accordance with the Romanian accounting standards;
  • Evaluation and identification of adjustments based on various reporting frameworks (US, IFRS, etc.);
  • Preparation, verification and certification of financial statements;
  • Preparation of financial statements for reorganization operations;
  • Accounting consultancy services and accounting reviews;
  • Assistance in the implementation of accounting software;
  • Preparation of financial reports according to customers’ needs;
  • Organization of managerial accounting by cost centers;
  • Making payments on behalf of our customers;
  • Centralizing the information required for reporting to the Environmental Fund;
  • Preparation of reports to the National Institute of Statistics;
  • Issuing invoices on behalf of our customers.

The accounting services provided by Moore Audit One offer you added value while helping you to prepare annual budgets and business plan.



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