Change of the name of our Company

Audit One, a Romanian privately owned company, was set up in the summer of 1999. Over the time, the sustained efforts of our founder, Ana Dinca, and our entire team raised the experience and professionalism of Audit One to high standards.

 The value of the services provided by Audit One was also appreciated and recognized by the Moore Stephens international network. Therefore, starting with 2007, Audit One was accredited as member with full rights in Romania of the Moore Stephens (currently Moore) network.

In 2019, the entire Moore Stephens network launched the transformation of its visual identity under the new name Moore. As part of this process, since July 2019, Audit One has changed its name into Moore Audit One.

We assure you that this change means that the quality level of the services provided by Moore Audit One will continue to observe, in all respects, the same high-quality standards.